Worms in humans: causes, symptoms, treatment

The distribution of worms among the population is very high. Many diseases occur against the background of weakness of the body by parasites. A theory of the relationship between oncology and worm infections is being developed. Therefore, you should not start the situation, but it is better to take preventive measures.

abdominal pain as a symptom of the presence of worms

The route of infection

The rate of parasite spread depends on the situation. In places with high temperatures and high humidity, helminths reproduce faster. These indicators are influenced by habits and hygiene standards.

There is an opinion that only children are sick with worms. Adults can be infected with parasites for the rest of their lives without realizing it. Some categories of people are at risk - hunters, fishermen, pet owners, gardeners.

In the soil (water) there are many mature helminth eggs, which emerge there from the feces of animals and humans. Any contact with soil can infect parasites. Pets, children on their toys, adults with shoes, flies on their feet and wings bring soil particles into the house. Food products that come in contact with soil may also have soil residue.

In an infected person, worm eggs will be on hands, household items, clothing, furniture. It is not necessary to have direct contact with such a person for an infection to occur (e. g. , a handshake). Just use the doorknob in his house.

Among the adult population, methods of infection with helminths through food are widespread. Eating insufficient heat processed meat, fish becomes a cause of disease. You can be infected from river fish that have been improperly marinated, smoked or frozen. Undercooked infected meat poses a danger. In the open reservoir, there are a large number of helminth eggs. They penetrate into the human body if ingested accidentally while swimming, diving. It is not recommended to use such water for cooking, or you have to boil it for a long time.

Worm eggs are sent when insects bite, in the future the parasite will live under the skin. This method of infection is more typical for humid tropical climates. But there have been cases of parasite spread by blood -sucking insects elsewhere.

Manifestations of infection

Signs of worms in the body can appear at different times from the moment of infection. When ascaris enters the body, symptoms appear on the third day. Symptoms of infection with all other helminths become apparent after about 3 weeks.

Since this invasion is parasitic, the worms will feed on the source of the host. Signs of their presence will be based on the loss of nutrients by the human body. The course of pathology (helminthiasis) is acute and chronic. In the acute form, the duration is not more than three weeks. Usually, there is an association with parasitic infestation. In chronic form, the duration is months, years, decades. It is difficult to make a correct diagnosis, as there is no link between poor health and the presence of worms. Vague symptoms, suitable for other diseases.

Helminths live in different internal organs. Depending on the place where they accumulate, characteristic signs appear. There may be pain in the joints, muscles - this is a symptom that the parasite is localized in the joint fluid, muscle fibers. Arthritis is often misdiagnosed. Signs of the presence of worms in the lungs are asthma, pneumonia, persistent cough that is difficult to treat.

Each parasite releases toxic waste throughout its life. Their action causes the severity of chronic pathology, the beginning of a new inflammatory process. In the nasopharynx, sinusitis, sinusitis can begin, in the oral cavity - stomatitis, in the genitals, complementary diseases, thrush.


Modern diagnostic methods make it possible to determine the presence of parasites in the body, to identify its type, age, stage of development. This makes it easier for doctors to formulate a treatment plan, speeding up a person’s recovery.

Stool analysis may not always determine infection. For accurate results, you need to be tested several times, but feces can contain the eggs of all known helminths. Venous blood analysis is more informative. Scraping from the anus allows you to identify a set of helminths in the gut, for example, ascaris and pinworms.

Enzyme -related immunosorbent tests with high accuracy indicate the presence of adult worms, eggs in the human body, its diversity. If necessary, a study of duodenal secretion was performed.

The doctor may recommend repeating the test for more accurate results. A negative result cannot guarantee the absence of parasites.

Get rid of worms

Treatment of the body from helminths is carried out by experts - parasites. Modern medicine has a broad and narrow specific orientation to various types of worms. The exact cause of the disease must be determined, so the drugs themselves are trivial and dangerous. Drugs are toxic, it is necessary to accurately select drugs that will be effective against certain types of parasites.

The main medicines are:

All anti-worm medications have side effects. These are dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, and other signs of chemical poisoning. Enterosorben, for example, activated carbon, will help eliminate such negative phenomena (take at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of a person's weight).

There are drops of worms for sale. It is a simple dosage form that allows you to measure the dose more accurately. This is difficult to do with tablets, as they are covered with an unbreakable protective coating.

What is meant to treat, the doctor should choose, this will prevent intoxication. After all, it is not enough to destroy parasites, you need to remove their remnants from the human body. Continuing to remain in the human body, they will rot, releasing toxins into the blood. From this, you can start to get sick again.

The last step in treatment should be recovery. The whole body has suffered destruction, the damaging effects of toxins. Where parasites move, the effects of their suction remain. Infection easily joins these bleeding wounds, and secondary disease begins. To prevent the development of such events, special medications are taken.

There are special schemes on what to do when treating parasitic diseases. With self -treatment, patients do not go through all these stages, so you need to seek help from a doctor. Folk remedies will be a good addition to the classical methods of treatment, effective during the recovery period.

Preventive measures

Parasites cause great damage to the body. Precautionary measures must be taken, especially for those at risk. In the spring and before the first frost, drug prevention should be carried out. For this, anthelmintic drugs are taken in one dose. It is better to choose a drug with a doctor, especially for children.

The remaining preventive measures are to prevent the entry of parasites into the body. If the helminth does not enter the body of the host in a timely manner, then it dies. By blocking all means of penetration, adhering to the rules of hygiene and sanitation, you can prevent the multiplication of parasites in your body.